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Kantar invests in BIScience

July 29, 2015

Kantar Media, a global provider of strategic advertising and marketing intelligence, is investing in BIScience, provider of AdClarity, a leading digital media intelligence platform which specialises in cross-channel and global digital media monitoring, planning, and optimisation.

The collaboration is the latest move in Kantar Media’s focus on developing industry-leading capabilities focused on real-time intelligence and optimisation of digital media. This development brings a number of new services to clients including new channels and geographies and the uncovering of behavioural and contextual competitor targeting.

Additionally, clients will be able to take advantage of granular competitor insights within the programmatic advertising industry, including, but not limited to, share of voice (advertiser, publisher, campaign, creative, and mediator), impressions and ad spend, unique publisher audience and traffic data, aggregated RTB rates, and ad platform usage.

Kantar Media’s collaboration with BIScience will tap on the daily monitoring and tracking of over 500,000 unique publishers and mobile apps across 22 million publisher pages worldwide and monthly monitoring and tracking of over 14.5 million campaigns in over 35,000 ad platforms. Together, Kantar Media and BIScience will collaborate on cross-channel digital solutions that will enable online media professionals to make data-informed decisions on media investments and strategic communications.

“Kantar Media is unparalleled in its ability to service clients with the most comprehensive intelligence across media channels and markets and our investment in BIScience furthers this position” stated Andy Brown, Chairman and CEO of Kantar Media. Digital and programmatic are increasing in importance, and adding BIScience’s capabilities to our existing portfolio represents an exciting development for our clients, the marketplace, and the businesses we operate.”

“With our shared global reach, dedication to delivering strategic media intelligence insights and focus on innovating cross-platform and programmatic measurement, Kantar Media represents an ideal partner for us to collaborate with,” says Kfir Hod Moyal, CEO and Co-founder of BIScience. “There is a dire need in the marketplace for the continual evolution of digital measurement. Working with Kantar Media will enable us to address those needs in the most synergetic, effective, and timely manner while empowering clients to make the most out of their digital investments.”

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