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Netgem launches ‘Fiber & TV’ solution

September 4, 2015

Netgem, a provider of telcoTV, has announced its ‘Fiber & TV as a service’ solution bringing TV services and unlimited premium content at  a super fast speed of 200 Mbps, thanks to FTTH technology.

The solution provides immediate access to the world of sophisticated TV (multicast bouquet, premium unicast channels, TVoD, SVoD, EST, Replay services, Content Apps, Multi-screen experience) in a Time-to-Market of under 3 months. with a flexible and cost-effective model.

“Netgem’s ambition is to provide the best content and services at a very high speed and secure connection, enabling consumers to download at a speed up to 200 Mbps,” said Mathias Hautefort, Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Netgem. “We believe our video content oriented plan will act as a catalyst for the development of very high speed solutions offered by local providers and public networks managers.”

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