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France: D17 cements audience engagement strategy

September 14, 2015

French music television channel D17 has enriched the viewing experience for its audience with a new app that forms a major element of its second screen strategy.  ‘D17 Connect’ feature synchronises content between the main and companion screens and is powered by Kantar Media’s SyncNow technology.

Kantar Media’s SyncNow service makes smart devices, including smartphones, tablets and smart TVs, ‘content aware’ so that material being watched on the main screen can be supplemented with relevant and synchronised content on the mobile device.

Using Kantar Media’s SyncNow technology, D17 App with Connect feature identifies the TV programme being viewed on the main screen and simultaneously delivers related material to the device, regardless of time-shift and distribution delays.  The personalised content, which includes recommendations, playlists, quizzes, contests and biographies of artists, provides an additional viewing dimension for D17’s audience, which is primarily ‘GenY’ (males and females between 15 and 25).

“Kantar Media’s SyncNow technology lets us bridge the gap between the television  and mobile device as audiences increasingly engage with both simultaneously.  Making this all-important link allows us to maintain maximum audience engagement before, during and after the content is aired,” explains Nicolas Delloye, head of digital at D17.  “This personalised content enriches the TV viewing experience and is therefore a core element of our audience engagement strategy.”

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