Advanced Television

AirTies, Eye Networks Wi-Fi service

September 15, 2015

Colin Mann @ IBC

AirTies Wireless Networks, a supplier of advanced wireless and OTT/IPTV technologies, and Eye Networks, a provider of pre-qualified products and solutions to service providers in the Scandinavian telecom market, have partnered to deliver a robust fully managed premium Wi-Fi service in Norway.

Aimed at Telcos and ISPs, the offering combines AirTies’ Air 4920 wireless AP (Access Point) incorporating its Mesh technology with the forthcoming EyeSaaS Pearl service for device management and insight into the home network.

“We are delighted with our choice of AirTies as a partner for EyeSaaS. We believe this will finally allow operators to embrace Wi-Fi within their broadband service and reduce the cost of providing support to their customers for a network over which they previously had little control or visibility,” said Jan Pedro Tumusok, CEO of Eye Networks. “With AirTies Mesh we know that our Telco and ISP customers will be able to provide their subscribers with a superior quality of service and as a result will have far fewer support calls relating to Wi-Fi problems.”

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