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KLRU-TV taps BroadStream

October 28, 2015

KLRU-TV, Austin PBS has selected BroadStream Solutions Inc. as its playout partner of choice and selected the OASYS Integrated Playout solution with full redundancy, extensive integrated graphics capabilities and the SMPTE BXF (Broadcast Exchange Format) protocol.

“Our goal in replacing both automation and playout systems was to find something that was simple, flexible, and really powerful, “ explains Chris Ostertag, Director of Technology at KLRU-TV. “The biggest improvement will be in simplifying and automating the repetitive, manual tasks that are currently bogging down our editorial and Master Control staff.”

KLRU’s previously installed master control system included video servers, character generators, logo inserters, vision switchers and DVEs. These will be replaced with a single OASYS Integrated Playout platform operating on industry standard IT hardware with BroadStream’s intuitive Multi-Channel Web Client user interface.

“We had a very strong desire to embrace off-the-shelf components, both for cost benefit and to make service and replacement easier,” explains Ostertag. “OASYS met these needs in a way that was the most open and flexible of all the solutions we looked at.”

Like every broadcaster, KLRU-TV needed to simplify the delivery, management and playout of their content. “Software-based solutions like OASYS are key to managing the challenges and transitions we will face in the coming years and allow us the ability to keep pace in this rapidly changing industry,” said Ostertag.

BroadStream’s OASYS Integrated Playout solution, scheduled to be installed in mid-November, will also integrate with their Myers ProTrack traffic system via the BXF protocol to provide a robust two-way communication between traffic and automation. The SMPTE BXF standard, which PBS has adopted for the majority of its stations, offers support for file and message-based data exchange; increases integration of related systems, and extends the metadata set for data exchange via standardized messaging.

BroadStream will also be providing significant improvements to the graphics workflow at KLRU-TV. ‘Coming Up Next’ slides, channel watermarks, as well as crawls and lower third overlays will be populated automatically using the OASYS easy-to-create graphics templates.

“We will gain a significant amount of flexibility with the OASYS integrated graphics capabilities,” according to Ostertag. “The task of building custom promos and tagging content will be fully automated so that program editors can focus on content and more important duties”.

As a trailblazer, KLRU has always been a leader in both programming and technology and is the home of Austin City Limits, the longest-running live music show on television. It was also the first broadcaster in Central Texas to produce in HD, and one of the first PBS stations to put video online.

“We are both delighted and proud to form this partnership with KLRU-TV and to provide them with a foundation for the future,” says Ben Wolk, BroadStream’s President of Sales & Business Development, “They truly embrace the IT-based playout model and recognize BroadStream’s expertise and commitment to support them for their current and future playout needs”.

“With BroadStream on board, we will see significant gains in ease of use and reliability,” reveals Ostertag. “The BroadStream team has been very responsive, and is dedicated to meeting our needs”.

KLRU-TV plays out four channels, including 60 hours of live satellite pass-through programming per day. KLRU-HD, KLRU-Q, Create and VMe carry an eclectic mix of programming from Downton Abbey to Austin City Limits to Central Texas Gardener.

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