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Ampere identifies ‘Content Connoisseur’

February 12, 2016

In an Ampere report published by MIP TV and MIPCOM, the media research company takes a look at ways to target the ‘new’ TV consumer and examine their content and device preferences as well as discuss building a new TV bundle that will attract and engage.

The report shows the age polarity between SVoD-only homes and pay-TV-only homes with a noticeable alignment in the middle. The fear among traditional platforms is that the SVoD-only group will never swing around to align with the pay-TV group. Targeting this segment holds the key to the future of pay-TV.

The interesting thing about SVoD services, says Ampere, is that they attract overwhelmingly one specific consumer segment, that of the Content Connoisseur. Despite differences in the base of Content Connoisseurs across markets, almost half of all SVoD subscribers fall into this single consumer category.

It’s a highly attractive demographic and one that in many ways represents the future of TV consumption.

Typical Characteristics of Content Connoisseurs include:
Young, wealthy, highly engaged with both content and devices, well connected and discerning, the Content Connoisseur is a key target group for pay TV providers looking to future-proof their customer base.
Content Connoisseurs love to have the latest technology and don’t mind paying for it. They engage with all types of content but still struggle to find things to watch. They even engage strongly with advertising and find that the adverts they see are usually well targeted to them.
They watch a little less TV than average and, when they do watch, they favour on-demand, online and catch-up TV. In part that’s because going out and socialising is an important part of their life.
Being content hungry, they tend to take multiple paid-OTT services and also are much more likely to take subscription music streaming services.

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