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Ofcom: 30 UHD channels via satellite

March 2, 2016

By Chris Forrester

UK spectrum regulator Ofcom is examining future demand for satellite bandwidth over the UK in a new Space Spectrum Strategy consultation document issued March 1st (and which closes for comments on May 10th this year).

One of its key findings, which is open to comment, is that it sees there being enough satellite spectrum – based on its current assessments – to deliver “30 Ultra HD channels, and continued growth in the number of HD channels” which could be “easily be accommodated within existing spectrum allocations”.

Ofcom says it believes these assessments to be in order because of technology improvements.

The regulator suggests that because of this availability of spectrum there is “less need” for it to take regulatory action.

Ofcom also believes that satellite could have a role in delivering the growing interest in ‘Internet of Things’ and machine-to-machine connectivity.

Ofcom also says that demand for satellite-delivered Broadband exists, in particular to those places where terrestrial fixed or mobile networks are absent or inadequate. “Satellites could, therefore, have a role in meeting this growing demand in the hardest-to-reach premises in the UK, and satellite broadband is one of the options for fulfilling the Government’s ambition to make 10 Mbit/s broadband universally available,” says the consultation document.

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