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56% of pay-TV viewers want carousel UI

March 17, 2016

When too many channels are combined with the inability to find something to watch, a better experience is needed. A white paper released by Digitalsmiths, entitled The War Between OTT and Pay-TV, discusses how and why OTT experiences are more enticing than Pay-TV experiences.

Because many OTT streaming services are largely carousel-driven, Digitalsmiths added a new question on this topic in its Q4 2015 Pay-TV and Online Video Trends Report. According to respondents, 56.6 per cent would like their pay-TV provider to deliver content in a carousel format, such as “What is on now?” or “Because you watched”.

Although 37.6 per cent of respondents would also like to retain access to the traditional grid, providing an intuitive user experience could convert viewers to solely preferring a carousel model. With more than half of respondents with cable/satellite service open to trying a more content discovery-focused, personalised carousel experience, pay-TV providers should act quickly on these trends.

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