Advanced Television

CryptoGuard launches CryptoLITE

May 20, 2016

CryptoGuard, a Swedish CAS and DRM vendor, is extending its product portfolio with an advanced complete end-to-end solution called CryptoLITE.

“CryptoLITE is a complete end-to end OTT solution containing transcoders, packagers, origin server, content delivery network, OTT head end server, applications for smartphones and tablets, and middleware for Set Top Boxes. Together with CryptoGuard´s CAS and DRM solutions, CryptoGuard can help TV operators becoming profitable also on OTT services.” says Kjell Carlswärd, CEO of CryptoGuard.

“Even all the small operators that could not afford an OTT solution can now launch profitable modern TV services.” adds Carlswärd.

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