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Multiscreen study: Broadcasters need right content at right time

June 24, 2016

While habits on connected and mobile devices are progressing, the video market is in a phase of fast mutation and restructuring according to Eurodata TV Worldwide.

TV broadcasters now have to face new competitors searching for the best business model: User Generated Content platforms, international and local VoD actors and even social networks like Snapchat or Instagram who are starting to produce their own content. All players of this expanding video market have to constantly reinvent their process and update their offer to anticipate new habits and to fulfil demanding consumers’ wishes. Indeed, if Instagram have produced a 28-parts series, Shield 5 in February 2016, international services like Amazon and Hulu conduct tests on new business strategies: the former having developed a kid-focused subscription service, while the latter is betting on a new live streaming channel offer.

If the perspectives of the video market are promising, the adoption of new behaviours still depends on contexts and territories. All territories do not post the same level of evolution and even within the same continent, countries can show different stages of maturity and three different groups can be identified.

– “The Mobile TV avant-gardists” countries are largely equipped with smartphones and Internet users watch regularly TV services when they are away from home.

– “The over-equipped vs. video mobile uses” territories are also highly equipped but do not show the most advanced mobile TV habits because of the costs of mobile internet, TV screen habits, accessibility…

– “The developing territories” are not the most highly equipped countries, but are showing signs of maturity and a vast potential for the video industry.

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