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Facebook wins social media Gold in Rio

August 9, 2016

The top 3 apps used near the Olympics opening ceremony were all Facebook properties – Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. This proves that at least in Brazil, when people share, Facebook is the big winner.

Facebook owned over 46 per cent of the total consumption around the 2016 Olympic opening ceremony, according to stats from Procera Networks.

WhatsApp was the biggest application for uploading data from the site (the blue bar), followed by Google, which was likely searches for what else was happening or people researching things they saw during the ceremony. Also significant was the strong showing for Snapchat, which was the strongest non-Facebook application on the bandwidth usage list. It is interesting to note that there was very little video streaming happening, as perhaps people were actually watching the ceremony in real life rather than trying to stream it (not to mention the bandwidth available at the site was probably not ideal for streaming).

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