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Australia: 50% of TV sales deliver FreeviewPlus

August 16, 2016

Freeview has signalled compelling growth in Australian uptake of FreeviewPlus receivers with the highest-ever percentage of HbbTV receiver sales recorded in June 2016 at over 51 per cent of all TV sales.

The connection rate of HbbTV receivers is now more than 85 per cent which represents a 31 per cent increase compared with figures released earlier this year. More than 80 per cent of Smart TVs in 2016 are FreeviewPlus-enabled and 11 major TV manufacturers are FreeviewPlus-certified.  These manufacturers represent 91 per cent of all connected TV sales.  Smart TV manufacturer LG introduced its first Smart TV in 2012 and has seen consumer demand rise strongly.

“The growth is largely due to technology consistently delivering easier-to-use, seamless functionality and more people understanding they can watch broadcast TV and catch up TV,” said LG marketing manager Grant Vandenberg.

“We are very happy with the pace of market penetration as consumers buy new TVs. It comes at an exciting time when we are about to launch a new ‘Keeping up with the Freemans’ TV campaign for FreeviewPlus as well as launch our live streaming mobile app later in the year” added Freeview CEO Liz Ross.

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