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NFL keeps US cable TV thriving

September 21, 2016

An online survey conducted by has confirmed that online streaming and VoD websites are not yet a danger to US cable TV subscriptions, as users are largely satisfied with the quality of content aired on pay-cable. The survey asked participants if they’re satisfied with the quality of programming on cable TV; 67 per cent responded favourably, 29 per cent thought quality could be improved and 4 per cent declined to answer. Participants were also asked an interesting question; does the NFL Network play a pre-dominant role behind cable TV subscriptions, to which 47 per cent agreed, 39 per cent disagreed, and 14 per cent were undecided.

“Most users insist on getting the NFL Network in their channel lineup while completing the purchase for Charter Spectrum TV Packages,” confirmed Ron Litt, Sales Representative with CharterBundleDeals.Com for over 2 years.

The survey also covered the issue of whether users prefer a cable bundle deal over individual services; 58 per cent responded favourably, while 42 per cent thought bundle deals carry better features but were uneasy with price. Surprisingly, with the issue of landline phone service, 61 per cent of the respondents thought that a landline still serves a function, and 39 per cent said they were keeping home phone service as part of their cable bundles.

 “I still make over ten calls on my landline every day and can’t imagine my home without a landline connection – maybe not just yet,” said Melissa, 51, mother of 2 and a resident of Milwaukee County, when speaking to CharterBundleDeals.Com in a random post-survey telephone interview.

The survey also asked participants if they would consider purchasing a home automation system or smart home package from a cable company to which 39 per cent responded yes, 21 per cent responded no, and 40 per cent were unsure. The next survey question dealt with budget packages offered by cable companies and whether they’re effectively including households belonging to low-income and elderly consumers, 63 per cent thought it likely, 19 per cent thought unlikely, and 18 per cent unsure.

“I don’t know if it’s due to some pressure from regulators or an attempt by the cable companies to widen their consumer base, but I think it’s a great idea and should be supported”, commented Tyler, 31, Ventura County, CA, who had earlier completed the survey and his comments came after survey results were shared with him during the phone interview.

Internet speed emerged as the top answer when respondents were asked what factor they consider most when purchasing cable internet service.   With 48 per cent saying internet speed matters most, 28 per cent price, 17 per cent online security, and 7 per cent think hardware is top priority.

Taking the opportunity, the survey tried to gauge the satisfaction level among Charter Spectrum customers with customer service provided by the company, 61 per cent were found to be satisfied, 21 per cent dissatisfied, and 18 per cent unsure.


The online survey was targeted towards registered subscribers on the database of Digital Globe Services. 639 participants from various US states completed the survey of which 43 per cent were women, 55 per cent men and 2 per cent declined to specify a gender.

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