Sky to close 60 stores

Sky is planning to close 60 of its worst-performing stores, putting some 170 jobs at risk.

The pay-TV broadcaster has a 260 Sky stores across the UK, providing a high-street presence to promote its range of services. Sky is proposing to close 23 per cent of its retail stores permanently, focusing on the ones which are not profitable or where there are a few close to each other.

“As we expand our products and services, we want to make sure that our retail stores are in the right place for customers and making the right contribution to our business,” a Sky spokesman commented. “We will continue to have a strong retail presence around the country, but we are proposing to close a number of stores. If the proposals go ahead, we will do everything we can to minimise the number of people affected.”

Despite the timing, Sky denies the move is related to the uncertainty of the UK advertising market caused by Brexit.

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