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US election largest news event delivered by Akamai

November 10, 2016

trumpAkamai Technologies, a global player in content delivery network (CDN) services, has announced that media coverage of the US Presidential Election was the largest single news event the company has ever helped its customers deliver. Live video streaming traffic specific to the election peaked at 7.5 Tbps on the Akamai Platform shortly before midnight Eastern Time on Tuesday, November 8th, eclipsing previous news events, and placing it among the highest video traffic peaks for any individual event delivered by Akamai.

“In what has already been a record-setting year for live streaming with the European soccer finals, Rio and the recent Presidential debates, Akamai has again helped our customers deliver unprecedented levels of online video with last night’s election coverage,” said Bill Wheaton, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Media at Akamai. “Not only are more people watching online in general, they’re watching at higher quality, which contributes to the increasingly higher peaks in traffic that we’re observing.”

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