End-to-end social video solution from Brightcove


Cloud services for video provider Brightcove has released Brightcove Social, which it says is the first video solution that enables organisations to manage their video presence across social networks from a single interface. Brightcove empowers marketers, enterprises, and media organisations to maximise the tremendous potential of social video. It does this by enabling teams to edit, publish and track their videos in the native playback environments of Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter – as well as their own websites – from Video Cloud, Brightcove’s complete video platform.

Three out of four consumers acknowledge the connection between watching video on social networks and their purchasing decision-making process, according to a new Brightcove study. While content owners have recognised the tremendous power of video on social networks to increase reach and engagement, they are finding that distributing video on these platforms can be inefficient and time consuming. Brightcove Social aims to streamline the publishing workflow and aggregate analytics for social video to maximise publishing efficiency and social video return on investment.

“For marketers, enterprises, and media organisations using social platforms today, it’s the wild, wild west,” said David Mendels, CEO, Brightcove. “Each platform has different requirements, best practices, and ecosystems that makes the process for distributing and analysing video over multiple platforms complicated. Brightcove Social is the first solution that simplifies the process by putting all the tools to edit, distribute, and analyse the performance of native social video in one place. The opportunity in this space is immense and Brightcove has made helping our customers take advantage of social video a top priority.”

Marketers: Increase Brand Awareness, Expand Reach, Drive Purchases

Social video offers a huge opportunity for marketers. According to the Brightcove study:

  • 80 per cent of consumers responded that video is the best way to get to know a brand on digital channels
  • 75 per cent of consumers said that social video influenced their purchasing decisions
  • Nearly 50 per cent of consumers responded that they have made a purchase after watching a video on social media

Many brand, content, and social marketers are already using video in social media channels to engage audiences across all stages of the customer lifecycle. Brightcove Social saves them time by providing easy to use tools and simple workflows to create, publish, and track social video that plays natively on each platform. It also improves the impact of social video by making it easy to optimise the viewing experience and branding for each social channel and analyse the reach and impact of videos in one place.

Publishers and Broadcasters: Increase Viewership, Promote Programming, Accelerate Revenue

Media companies have flocked to social networks as an opportunity to increase viewership and reach their audiences wherever they are. Brightcove Social helps media organisations use social video to accelerate time to revenue. In addition to automating publishing video to social networks, media organisations can use Brightcove Social to apply content rights and track viewing metrics.

“On one hand, media organisations are struggling to make money. On the other, executing on cross-platform social strategy is too complicated because of the distinct workflows and best practices for each platform,” suggested Anil Jain, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Media, Brightcove. “Brightcove Social allows media organisations to increase revenue through increased viewership and create more stickiness with their audiences regardless of where they consume content. In the past, they have not had the tools to do this effectively.”

Core functionality:

  • Publish video to native players on social channels. Leverage the advantages each platform gives to native video content by easily selecting videos and adding metadata to publish natively to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.
  • Gain deep insight through social video analytics. View and compare video analytics for Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, as well as other web properties, to understand video performance. Capture feedback such as likes, comments, and shares to better understand viewer preferences.
  • Streamline and optimise content tailored for each social network. Quickly and easily optimise content for the different needs of each social network by clipping and editing video content.
  • Improve time to site by automated sync rules. Set up sync rules to automatically publish video content with designated metadata tags, streamlining time to site.



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