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Cedexis extends streaming video QoE optimisation to all

March 28, 2017

Cedexis, a player in content and application delivery monitoring and optimisation for clouds CDNs, and datacenters, has announced the general availability of streaming video Quality of Experience (QoE) tracking and analysis within its widely-used Radar Community – the world’s largest internet performance monitoring community. Both global Quality of Service (QoS) and video QoE tracking and analysis are offered for free to the thousands of organisations that comprise the Radar Community, making Cedexis the first provider to provide companies with monitoring capabilities for both video and web performance for free all in a single solution.

“The Cedexis Radar Community is increasingly utilising video as part of their core web business, and it was only logical to expand our platform beyond websites and mobile applications to include Internet video,” said Ryan Windham, Cedexis CEO. “Radar-participating websites and applications can now use the Cedexis Radar tag to collect performance metrics for any streaming video and correlate performance to the CDN or origin server that served them. This data is fundamental to real-time optimisation of delivery, empowering video providers to thrill their viewers, reduce their traffic delivery costs, and build successful, profitable businesses.”

Designed to align with newly-defined standards from the Streaming Video Alliance, this revolutionary capability powers a platform that can uniquely deliver comprehensive monitoring and optimisation for web content, streaming video, and applications within a single, cloud-based solution.

The addition of video performance monitoring by Cedexis provides the most comprehensive view of a user’s complete journey from website or app visit, to player download and then video viewing. This enables the insights needed to optimize end user experience in real time, and troubleshoot issues as they arise.

“For the most comprehensive view possible, streaming video providers need to monitor and track Internet QoS, so they can predictively identify and sidestep emerging network challenges; this helps augment their partnering, planning, and routing decisions with a clear picture of consumer QoE,” said Andrew Marshall, Cedexis Director of Product Marketing. “We are now able to provide companies with a clear correlation between QoS metrics and QoE outcomes, empowering global streaming video providers to both enhance their consumer experience, and identify the right delivery partners to guarantee QoE on the most economical terms.”

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