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China + Thaicom working with Measat and SES

April 3, 2017

By Chris Forrester

Beijing Star Time Telecommunications Technology has emerged as the ‘secret’ business linked with Thailand’s Thaicom to build two giant communications satellites, and perhaps a new LEO constellation.

One satellite is already being built by China’s Great Wall Industry Corp (CGWIC) and scheduled for launch in late 2019.

CGWIC is one of Beijing Star Times (BST) owners, and trade magazine Space Intel News is reporting that BST has made approaches to a number of ‘Western’ companies including ViaSat of California and Hughes Network Systems on potential cooperation and specific technical advice.

BST is also reportedly working with satellite operators Measat of Malaysia and SES of Luxembourg, although Space Intel says it is not yet clear what the level of cooperation might be.

Thaicom’s relationship with BST already extends to a $208 million order for a Ka-band satellite, which is wholly pre-sold in terms of its in-orbit capacity to the Chinese.  BST specifically says: “[the satellite] will be completed its (Ka) network coverage in 2019 in Southeast Asia, Indochina Peninsula and China Mainland, two satellites’ total capacity are up to 120Gbps. BST has reached technical cooperation intention with international satellite industry’s giants such as ViaSat, Hughes and SES. BST will provide users with the best quality broadband Internet experience. At present, BST had completed its international layout in Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Philippines, Korea, the United States of America, Hong Kong and other countries and areas.”

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