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Media Broadcast Satellite uplink for M7

May 30, 2017

Colin Mann @ ANGA COM

Broadcast satellite services provider Media Broadcast Satellite is to provide uplink services for all transponders on Eutelsat 9B at 9° East for the European pay-TV provider M7 Group from July 2017 onwards.

M7 uses this satellite position for the distribution of both local, thematic and international TV packages to cable and IPTV networks in the German speaking markets. Through the Eutelsat 9B position, M7 serves more than 140 network partners and over one million viewers in the German speaking markets.

The uplink services are provided for a total of nine DVB-S2 transponders carrying over 90 TV channels in both HD and SD quality. The switchover will take place as part of a coordinated transition period in July 2017 ensuring 100 per cent availability of all offers and services at any time. In addition to the comprehensive uplink services, Media Broadcast Satellite will also provide further infrastructure services at the teleport in Usingen.

With the takeover of the uplink services on Eutelsat 9B, Media Broadcast Satellite is considerably expanding its collaboration with M7. The Usingen-based service provider has provided uplink services for various M7 transponders on the Astra 23.5° East position since July 2016. This satellite position is used for direct-to-home channel distribution in the Benelux, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. These uplink services are also provided at the Media Broadcast Satellite’s teleport in Usingen.

“For M7, the crucial factors for extending the business relationship were mainly the excellent 24/7/365 service as well as the high-quality standards at Teleport Usingen we have already been demonstrating since last year for uplink services for other M7 core markets,” said Christian Fleischhauer, Managing Director of Media Broadcast Satellite, announcing the deal at ANGA COM in Cologne. “With the provision of uplink services for Eutelsat 9B, we will ensure the continued TV channel distribution to the German speaking cable market and we are happy that M7 puts trust in the reliable service provisioning of Media Broadcast Satellite for this important market.”

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