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US trusts local news over national news

June 13, 2017

According to a Videa-sponsored survey, 61 per cent of US consumers surveyed have some, or a lot of, trust in the information they get from local news organisations.

Fifty-nine per cent of those surveyed cited that they get their local news from television somewhat or very often – compared to 38 per cent, 36 per cent, and 36 per cent for those who say the same for social media, print media, and local radio stations. In fact, those who said they got local news content from television very often (36 per cent) is nearly twice the next highest source (social media, 19 per cent very often), twice or more for print media (18 per cent very often) and local radio stations (15 per cent).

When it comes to key local news drivers that ranked high among consumers, reliability and relevance dominated responses. These respondents cited local news sources as easier to verify, more truthful and more relevant overall.

Looking at those who have a clear preference between local and national news, the difference in trust is stark. Of those who say they trust one over the other, 62 per cent said they trust local news media more, compared to 38 per cent who say they trust national news sources more.

Of the majority who trust local news over national news, they cited lack of bias in local news as a critical factor for that sentiment. One-in-three who trust local news more than national news sources say they have that trust because there is less bias and no political agenda.

“This research provides valuable insight into consumer behaviours and interests across the US. Videa conducted this survey to support our broadcast and advertising partners,” said Shereta Williams, president, Videa. “The latest research findings underscore the viability of local television news in the minds of US consumers – especially in such a delicate environment where consumers have been highly skeptical of news sources on the heels of the recent election. The research also reinforces how television reigns as a primary local news source for consumers in the ever-evolving digital age.”

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