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Climbing Mount Olympusat at the MMFM 2017

June 15, 2017

Olympusat, one of the largest independent media companies specializing in the ownership, distribution, production and technical services of Spanish and English-language networks, was in attendance at the 7th edition of the Miami Media and Film Market (MMFM), where Carlos Lopez – VP of Marketing and Communications of Olympusat, and Pablo Lopez – Art Director, offered an insider’s look at the company’s production pipeline and delved into the television ecosystem transition to over-the-top platforms.

On June 7, 2017, the MMFM featured Climbing Mount Olympusat, a panel session on Olympusat’s cutting-edge and multicultural portfolio which includes 100+ Spanish and English-language TV networks, and an array of original productions.

“Olympusat is to me one of the strongest companies in Florida. They are doing dynamic things; I couldn’t believe it when I went to their office in West Palm Beach and saw how big this company is,” said Kevin Sharpley, Moderator and Vice Chair of the MMFM Steering Committee. “Definitely, Olympusat is on precipice of what’s happening now and what’s happening in the future.”

“The TV & media industry is rapidly changing, not only for consumers but also for producers and distributors. The new technologies and distribution models, including VOD content and digital platforms have taken over the market,” stated Carlos Lopez.

During the discussion, Pablo Lopez added: “The Hispanic market is an ever-changing market, and as it grows so does our content, our production process and our distribution. From my perspective as an Art Director, I get to see how the Hispanic viewing habits are evolving and how our productions are reacting to those changes. Olympusat partners with filmmakers and producers from all over Latin America to create original movies and scripted television that caters to different markets both inside and outside the U.S.”

Climbing Mount Olympusat took place at the Miami Airport Convention Center in Miami, Florida. The panel discussion also featured the participation of industry expert Andy Schefter, who discussed the different ways to monetize productions and the importance of product placement and incentives. During the event, attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and learn about Olympusat’s commitment to promote and support multicultural content.

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