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Cleeng passes 2m users

June 27, 2017

Cleeng’s user base has significantly accelerated in the past year. While the company needed five years to build a million users, it only took one year to add another million. More than 50 per cent of the users come from North America, while LatAm and Asia had the most rapid growth in the past 12-months.

Cleeng’s mission is to help broadcasters sell their SVoD and Pay-Per-View videos direct to the consumer. This model for monetising premium video provides consumers with access to high-engagement, high-volume content while tapping into the modern day on-the-go mentality.

Cleeng’s rate of growth has been fuelled  by a number of factors:

–        Fast time to market. By providing a unique, highly integrated platform for selling videos, Cleeng allows publishers to offer “Netflix-Like” functionalities instantly, and shift focus to their core business – producing quality content.

–        Advanced technical integration with leading video technology providers in order to provide complete, end-to-end OTT offering. Cleeng has recently built and nurtured close relationships with companies like Brightcove, Accedo, Livestream, Arqiva, and Valtech;

–        International expansion. With the addition of Japanese, Greek and Korean (to the 14 existing languages), and specific payment gateways like PrimeroPay (Brazil), iPay88 (Philippines), BlueSnap (Israel), Cleeng has set the base for publishers to go abroad, especially in rapid-growing OTT regions.

The company recently recorded a total of 60 000 publishers that have tried the platform.  Whether pure-pay OTT or an OTT service that complements a traditional TV provider, Cleeng’s publishers have managed to attract a healthy online audience with a host of quality offerings on many mediums. Some of Cleeng’s most impactful publishers in the last 12 months include:

  • Chivas TV: The official pure-play OTT channel for the famous Mexican football club, boasting the biggest fanbase in the country;
  • Fanseat: A Scandinavian subscription-based OTT service that broadcasts live sporting events;
  • NHRA TV: A streaming service for the official Drag Racing Series.
  • NBL TV: The official channel of the Australian Basketball League;
  • Monster Supercross Live: A live OTT portal for streaming Supercross races;
  • Final Fantasy: A live pay-per-view streaming for big fan fests;
  • Blink, the largest Philippines-based SVoD service;
  • Golden Boy Promotions: An online pay-per-view streaming service for major boxing fights provided to HBO Boxing.

“The combination of Livestream and Cleeng’s technology is an excellent example of a rapid and robust integration built to provide the best quality experience to the consumer. Cleeng’s live solution has enabled Supercross Live to harness the growing demand for unique content with a user-friendly tool.’’ says Sam Gomez, VP of Digital Marketing at Feld Entertainment (owning Supercross Live).

“Cleeng is the most flexible e-commerce platform that we’ve ever seen – from their development culture to the features that they bring. Blink can depend on them and they have genuine care for our business and growth.”, says Jake Ryan Mendoza, a Technology Manager for Digital Media at Blink.

As a consumer-centric OTT expert, Cleeng’s main focus is the service it provides its publishers and their users. “By signing up with Cleeng, users get a universal account for publishers selling with Cleeng, similar like PayPal and Eventbrite model,” – says Gilles Domartini, company’s founder and CEO.

Cleeng expects its growth to continue in the coming months with the release of a couple of significant product upgrades, especially in the area of analytics and presentation of insightful data for publishers.

The company projects to reach the three million user mark by the end of year 2017.

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