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TVT: “Industry should embrace Cloud-based content delivery”

October 9, 2017

TVT/DMC, the media services companies, has released a report outlining the processes and support structures needed to achieve state-of-the-art content versioning, regulatory compliance and media asset management. The report offers broadcasters, on-demand service providers and other TV operators valuable insights into the systems and methods needed to successfully expand into rapidly growing international markets.

“The technology and methodologies needed to get content from the studio to the screen have evolved considerably over the last decade to meet an increasingly competitive marketplace and demanding audiences,” says Ian Brotherston, Chief Executive of TVT/DMC. “To meet shortened delivery cycles and content proliferation across multiple platforms and delivery paths, operators need to start embracing new ways of working that take advantage of not only cloud, but innovative software tools that enhance the efficiency of both technical processes and human collaboration.”

Brotherston notes operators need both art and science in preparing content for the modern media marketplace: “The industry is still powered by expertise from people who understand the intricate nature of each region, including legal, cultural and technical challenges – and the opportunities overcoming these present. Emerging technologies such as the cloud are only of benefit if they are deployed within the right workflow, and that means tough decisions may need to be made about how content must flow within its journey. Ultimately, the operators that can streamline content distribution while reducing costs, and critically, without sacrificing quality, will be the next industry leaders.”

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