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VeEX and Nimble This partnership

October 18, 2017

VeEX, a global player in Telecom, CaTV, Fibre, Transport and Broadband Access and Nimble This, a provider of commercial PNM solutions, have entered into a partnership agreement bringing Nimble This PNM to VeEX VeSion Monitoring platform.

Proactive Network Maintenance, PNM, is a technology that uses DOCSIS pre-equalization and Full Band Capture data from cable modems and CMTSs to identify impairments before they are noticeable to the subscriber. This, in turn, saves money and prevents subscriber churn. In addition, Nimble This suite offers a complete and comprehensive set of tools that include but are not limited to: Upstream Spectrum Analysis, mobile apps and other features. Combined with VeEX’s VeSion traditional probe-based monitoring, this partnership allows Service Providers to get the best of both worlds by properly maintaining and proactively monitoring their networks, avoiding costly truck rolls and offering the best possible subscriber quality of experience – period.

“As we expand our reach Globally, the marriage of Nimble This solutions to VeEX’s VeSion platform is a natural evolution for providing a comprehensive solution to cable operators. Furthermore, as an industry leader in proactively identifying new and disruptive technologies, VeEX is a good fit for us and allows MSOs the most innovative solutions, while still offering a multitude of options for the cable operator,” said Brady Volpe, Founder and CEO of Nimble This. “As our customer requirements evolve to PNM, it is a normal evolution to provide such features to our VeSion platform,” said Cyrille Morelle, President and CEO of VeEX. He continues, “VeEX is about providing effective solutions, so why reinvent the wheel when you have access to the best ‘wheel’ in the market?”

The solution will be showcased at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo in Denver, Colorado October 18-20, 2017 at VeEX Booth #1795.

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