Major satellite stocks hammered

The ‘big three’ satellite operators, Intelsat, SES and Eutelsat have all suffered massive falls in their share prices.

Intelsat’s tumbled 19.36 per cent in late-afternoon trading on October 26th (by $1.15 to $4.79) and at one point the share price hit $4.44 (€3.82).

Eutelsat’s fall from grace was even more dramatic, crashing 14 per cent in early trading on the Paris exchange, falling €3.24 to €19.97 in early trading in October 27th.

SES of Luxembourg also saw a severe fall on October 27th from an already depressed price of €16.68 to a 5-year ‘low’ point of just €14.49.

The problems for each of the three giant operators can be summed up as one of ‘confidence’ in their future business models.

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