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ESPN launches SportsCenter on Snapchat

November 14, 2017

ESPN is launching a new SportsCenter show on Snapchat. The show will air in the US twice a day at 5am and 5pm on weekdays, and once at 5am on weekends. The show will be three to five minutes in length and will include a mix of the latest sports news, highlights and commentary.

“SportsCenter on Snapchat provides a creative new format and platform for our flagship franchise to continue to evolve,” said Connor Schell, ESPN executive vice president, content.

“The original SportsCenter defined and changed the way people watched sports,” said Sean Mills, Head of Original Content for Snap Inc. “Today the enormous changes resulting from technology, especially mobile, are having a huge impact on how sports fans follow their favourite players and teams, not to mention fundamentally changing the conversations around sports. There’s a huge opportunity to reimagine SportsCenter for this new medium — and we’re thrilled about the team and talent ESPN has assembled to do it.”

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