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1 in 6 Americans owns a smart speaker

January 15, 2018

Smart speaker ownership data from NPR and Edison Research confirms the impact the 2017 holiday season had on smart speaker ownership in the US.

Some 7 per cent of Americans report acquiring at least one smart speaker between Black Friday and the end of December 2017. For 4 per cent of Americans, that holiday smart speaker was their first

With millions getting to know their new voice-activated tech over the past month, consumer adoption of smart speakers is now on par with – in fact, tracking slightly ahead of – smartphone adoption a decade ago following the release of the Apple iPhone. Three years in, 14 per cent of Americans owned a smartphone. That’s compared to the 16 per cent who now own a smart speaker.

“Voice-activated speakers are perhaps the most dynamic sector not only in the audio space but in consumer electronics in general. They are increasing access to all manner of digital audio,” said Tom Webster, Sr. VP at Edison Research

These devices continue to impact consumer behaviour including time spent with other platforms, including the television. According to the latest Smart Audio Report surveys, 30 per cent of smart speaker owners say their speaker is replacing time spent with TV.

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