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Canal+ confirms TF1 restoration

March 12, 2018

By Colin Mann

Following confirmation by France’s Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel (CSA) and the country’s Culture Minister that the distribution of free-to-air channels should remain free, and that only additional services such as replay and start over could be ‘paid for’, Canal+ Group has decided gradually to resume distribution of the TF1 Group’s free channels.

Subscribers to Canal offers are not, in fact, intended to pay for free channels, by virtue of having obtained free frequencies from the State.

The Canal+ Group has therefore made the decision to restore the broadcast of the linear signal of TF1 on March 9th across all its networks and for all subscribers. It will shortly restore transmission of all free channels of the TF1 Group on ADSL, fibre and Internet.

As for the services and functionalities associated with these channels, the Canal+ Group says it is willing to negotiate with the TF1 Group regarding remuneration for these services on a reasonable and non-discriminatory basis compared to agreements signed with other distributors.

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