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Study: Digital subscriptions boost Gen Z student productivity

March 15, 2018

According to findings from UK student accommodation search engine, Generation Z – the first generation of students that has never known a world without the Internet – rely on Netflix and Spotify and no longer need a library to be at their most productive.

The survey of over 2,000 UK students by the student accommodation search engine reveals that a third (37 per cent) work while streaming music on Spotify and almost one in 12 students (eight per cent) feel they are most productive while watching Netflix. 28 per cent of Gen Z students believe they are most productive when listening to the radio and/or while watching TV or movies via other providers.

According to, many students are turning to public places to study: over a quarter (29 per cent) choose to study in coffee shops, Internet cafés and even the pub – perhaps because one in three (31 per cent) feel most productive when in a busy environment or surrounded by friends. One in 10 (10 per cent) enjoy studying in the fresh air of a park or garden and 12 per cent even squeeze in their studies on public transport.

“It’s interesting to see that many of today’s students find themselves most productive in a busy environment,” noted Dan Roberts, Managing Director of “Our study has found that over half a million students now spend less than one hour in the library each week, instead choosing to head to their local café or pub.”

“Studying in silence is often the biggest distractor so when you find the ultimate environment or that one album that helps you to produce your best work it can ease the stress of those end-of-term deadlines or looming exams. We’ve pulled together some of the best tracks on Spotify for concentration that we hope will help students over the next few months,” said Roberts.

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