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Nielsen next-gen platform viewer analytics

April 5, 2018

Nielsen has announced the availability of Nielsen Grabix, its next-generation analytics platform that combines the power of minute-by-minute Nielsen ratings and Gracenote Real-Time Smart TV viewership data for deeper insights into audience flow, retention and engagement.  The new Web-based intelligence platform gives TV programmers and advertisers instant visibility into viewership trends for the top 56 US TV markets and 400 local stations and national networks to enable better programming and advertising decisions.
By leveraging Gracenote Real-Time Smart TV data, Nielsen is delivering powerful analytics capabilities, previously available only for digital media, to local TV and advertisers. Now, programmers, advertisers and news directors can instantly access audience behaviour and trending topics while more effectively determining gains and losses for their programming and that of their competition.  The new intuitive interface lets users seamlessly switch from micro to macro analysis and dynamic graphs feature real-time video streams to detail the exact moment of audience tune-in or tune-out. As a result, programmers can access detailed insights to enhance programme content, scheduling, advertising and on-air promotions using real-time Smart TV viewership information.

“Viewership insights from Nielsen Grabix have given programmers and advertisers a competitive edge for years,” said Kelly Abcarian, SVP of Product Leadership for Nielsen.  “But the new addition of Gracenote Smart TV viewership data, which provides real-time insights and complements Nielsen’s industry standard ratings, pushes Grabix to the next level. The latest iteration of the product gives TV programmers and advertisers more power than ever to make data-driven business decisions that help them grow and build their audiences.”

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