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MasMovil for sale?

May 2, 2018

From David Del Valle in Madrid

MasMovil, the fourth largest telco in Spain, may be the focus of a new consolidation move in the market.

Its shareholders – mainly venture funds and private groups – are reportedly willing to sell the company in the next two or three years. MasMovil has significantly increased its value over the last year with a rise of 230 per cent on the Stock Market to over €2.3 billion.

According to Expansion newspaper, the most likely candidates to acquire it would be Vodafone and Orange, and others like Liberty, Altice or Free are also outside bets

Vodafone and Orange are the clear favourites though. Both are operating in the market and have made similar concentration moves in the past with ONO and Jazztel acquisitions respectively, for €7.2 billion and €3.4 billion.

With the move, Vodafone could become the second largest telco operator. Orange, for its part, already has an agreement in place with MasMovil to share its FTTH network.

Masmovil currently has 11 million FTTH passed households, multiplying its network by ten in a year. The company plans to reach 14 million by the end of the year, out of them 5.1 million with its own FTTH network and the rest through Orange thanks to their agreement.

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