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Simulmedia launches Transparent TV

June 18, 2018

Simulmedia, a specialist in TV advertising solutions, has launched Transparent TV, a first-of-its-kind program that gives agencies and advertisers the power to run advanced TV campaigns against strategic audiences and get total transparency on media outputs, marketing outcomes, competitive insights and pricing. This makes Simulmedia the only advanced TV provider that can deliver both transparent outputs, including spots, networks, dayparts, GRPs, and CPMs, and marketing outcomes, such as reach maximization, conversions, and sales attribution, and ROI.

In addition, Transparent TV comes in the widest range of options: software only, software-mediated managed service with activation, and full, premium managed service activation. This enables Simulmedia clients to run reach-maximizing campaigns that deliver superior results and insights into exactly how their advertising has performed, all while revealing how much they have spent on media, services, and Simulmedia’s own fees.

“For too long, TV advertising has been a black box, with prices that seem to go up every year even as campaign results have been slow to get and hard to understand or prove,” says Dave Morgan, CEO of Simulmedia. “Simulmedia’s Transparent TV addresses this by giving advertisers and their agencies powerful tools for maximizing audience reach and the flexibility to select the services they need to measure and analyze their media and marketing results so they can optimize accordingly. It then goes one step further and reveals exactly how their spend is being allocated to media, services and Simulmedia, and at what price. In this way, we’ve built an advanced TV program that gives its users more control and visibility than they’ve ever had before.”

Notably, Transparent TV includes a self-service option that enables the fast and easy execution of advanced TV plans. Simulmedia guarantees these plans for impression delivery against an age and gender demo or a strategic target based on Nielsen data, the gold standard of audience targeting on TV, as well as MRI or NBI audiences.

Transparent TV also offers several premium service options, including:

  • The ability to build, execute and measure plans based on more audience choices, including Oracle Data Cloud, Experian, NCS and IRI.
  • An option to guarantee audience reach against any third party target that Simulmedia supports, including Nielsen, MRI, NBI, NCS, Oracle Data Cloud, Experian and IRI.
  • Guaranteed business outcomes and a first party data match to SimulPanel, the world’s most powerful TV dataset.

Marketers and media agencies using Transparent TV will pay a flat tech and service fee, depending on service tier. All media costs will be transparent.

The world’s most innovative advertisers have been drawn to Simulmedia for nearly 10 years because of its approach to maximizing audience reach and delivering superior campaign results. Its patented VAMOS software platform provides data and analysis services in an easy-to-use interface, and it empowers its users to activate plans against strategic audience targets quickly and efficiently. Now Simulmedia has added transparency on both outcomes and pricing.

“We at Mediasmith are really excited about Simulmedia’s Transparent TV,” says David Smith, CEO of Mediasmith. “As an agency that has worked with Simulmedia several times over the past few years, we’ve seen first-hand how powerful its VAMOS software platform is in maximizing the reach, performance and ROI of TV campaigns. This move into full transparency is exactly in line with where we believe that the entire industry needs to go.”

“Typically, TV advertising has had the expectation that ‘you get what you get and you don’t get upset;’ Transparent TV changes that,” adds Morgan.

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