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UK broadband behind 25 European countries

July 10, 2018

The UK has slipped from 31st to 35th place in the global broadband league tables, behind 25 other European countries, research suggests.

The data was collected by M-Lab, a partnership between Google Open Source Research and Princeton University’s PlantLab, and the results compiled by UK broadband comparison site Cable. Analysis of 163 million broadband speed tests across 200 countries indicates Singapore ranks as the world’s fastest country, with Yemen the slowest.

Average speeds in the UK have gone up in the past year and, at 18.5Mbps, are above the global average. Globally, average speeds have risen from 7.4Mbps to 9.10Mbps.

The UK’s ranking – while above 165 other countries – puts it in the bottom third of EU member states.

Fastest broadband speeds can be found in:

Singapore – average 60Mbps

Sweden – 46Mbps

Denmark – 43.9Mbps

Norway – 40.1Mbps

Romania – 38.6Mbps

Belgium – 36.7Mbps

Netherlands – 35.9Mbps

Luxembourg – 35.1Mbps

Hungary – 34Mbps

Jersey – 30.9Mbps

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