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Facebook expands video ad options

September 28, 2018

Facebook is offering companies who advertise on its social media platform more selective video choices, addressing some of the concerns brands – and competitors – have expressed.

Facebook, in a blog post, revealed it will now allow companies to advertise on premium video content through the In-Stream Reserve program. The Facebook-selected content, which it said includes “the most engaging, highest quality publishers and creators,” would be shown to specific target groups verified by Nielsen.

In-Stream Reserve Categories allows advertisers to select which topics they want their ads to run on, including sports, fashion/beauty and entertainment. Facebook claimed its in-stream video ads are fully watched 70 per cent of the time.

Facebook said In-Stream Reserve is a great option for premium online video and TV buyers, particularly those targeting younger, harder-to-reach demographics and infrequent TV viewers.

Facebook will also allow companies to advertise on specific shows or be an exclusive advertiser for a single show. These types of ads are being tested on.”

In addition, the ThruPlay program will only charge advertisers if their ad is watched to the end, or viewed for at least 15 seconds – a similar scheme offered by YouTube.

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