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Caribbean: Amplia chooses Zappware

October 2, 2018

Multiplay operator Amplia has announced a partnership with Zappware to deliver a multitenant digital TV solution serving The Caribbean region. Amplia will revamp its TV platform in Trinidad & Tobago and leverage that deployment launching TV as a Service (TVaaS) towards regional service providers.

Lisa Agard, Managing Director of Amplia, commented: “This partnership will enable our TVaaS solution to give network operators across the Caribbean region the ability quickly to launch advanced video services to their subscribers. The great NeXX4.0 user experience, its powerful operator console, combined with flexible deployment model were key in this partnership. We have the ambition to grow with new TV services with a new platform serving our local operation as well as to serve English-speaking Caribbean islands with advanced video services. What was crucial in the choice of a platform partner was the ability to build a platform that is ‘multi-tenant’ or multi-operator, capable for to serve the different telecom operator partners from one central system and to have a solution provider that proposes a great user experience to trigger the demand from our end-users across the region.”

“Indeed, an interesting step for Zappware for a couple of reasons: We’re excited to announce this partnership with Amplia with this new deal because it confirms we’re on the right track with our value proposition. Amplia needed a platform with advanced features as well the tools to deploy several telco’s across their region in a flexible way. The NeXX4.0 user interface, what we call the front-end, is highly configurable based on our back-office solution. More specifically our marketing console. With that marketing console, the content and marketing teams can tailor the NeXX4.0 look & feel, channels, content and promotions per operator in the region. That is crucial in a multi-tenant TV service. In this case, the variety of networks and access technologies are a challenge. To address that, we deploy a hybrid solution that is capable of serving DVB and IP / OTT with 1 Android STB type. This way, the time-to-market and the cost-efficiency challenges are addressed. As a bonus, the seamless integration of linear channels, own content, 3rd party content and apps with the Google ecosystem. As said, we’re on the right track along our international growth journey,” added Patrick Vos, CEO of Zappware.

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