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CBA clarifies C-band re-versioning

November 2, 2018

By Chris Forrester

The C-band Alliance (formed by Intelsat, SES, Eutelsat and Telesat) is stressing that its proposed restructuring of C-band frequencies for 5G usage over the US will not exceed 180 MHz (plus a 20 MHz guard band) in the proposed speedy time-frame of 18-36 months. The consortium’s previous discussions with the FCC had offered 100 MHz of capacity (plus a 50 MHz guard band).

However, analyst comments over the past few days (and reported by Advanced Television) have suggested that the 200 MHz under discussion might be extended later to 250 MHz.

“Not so,” stressed Markus Payer, head of Corporate Communications at SES, who added that [SES CEO] Steve Collar’s comments, and similar statements from Intelsat were absolutely clear. The CBA, in reaction to recent market speculation, wanted to clarify recent speculation.

“The CBA and its members make clear that clearing up to 200 MHz (which includes 20 MHz guard band) is the proposal of the CBA and that 200 MHz is the maximum available for future 5G roll-out in the foreseen time-frame, i.e., within 18-36 months from the final FCC order,” said Payer.

“The CBA stress that both the proposed market-based approach to free up spectrum at the lower end of C-band AND the full protection of the all-important incumbent services (including the video ecosystem distributing content to 100 million US households) remain of highest importance,” added Payer.

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