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Comcast taps into Smart TV data with Inscape

March 20, 2019

FreeWheel, a Comcast company and global advertising management solution, has announced an agreement with Inscape, the smart TV data company with viewing data from more than 10 million VIZIO smart TVs in the US.

The terms of the deal give FreeWheel the right to use Inscape smart TV viewing data for modeling representativeness for demographic and consumer audience segments used in the selling of national TV advertising campaigns.

“Inscape’s data will enable development of a robust nationally representative model for US TV viewing data in all 210 DMAs, all major cable, satellite and telco pay-TV distributors, and over-the-air TV households,” said Claudio Marcus, General Manager for the FreeWheel Data Platform.

FreeWheel, which works with global media brands and major entertainment networks around the world, plans to use the national representativeness models to help forecast National US delivery of demographic and consumer-segment-specific ad impressions for its customers which include NBCU, Fox, Discovery, Scripps, and Viacom in the US.

“While FreeWheel sets the standard for so much of the broader TV economy, using Inscape viewing data will help to bolster the quality, speed and reliability of FreeWheel’s advanced TV advertising offerings and ability for marketers to reach consumers across the new TV landscape,” said Jodie McAfee, SVP of Sales and Marketing at Inscape.

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