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Brightline and SpotX make buying enhanced TV ads at scale easy

April 9, 2019

SpotX, the global video advertising and monetization platform, has announced an expanded partnership with BrightLine, the market leader in enhanced TV advertising, to deliver a direct pipeline of premium inventory to advertisers, enhanced with BrightLine’s robust suite of personalized and interactive ad formats. The solution streamlines the execution of enhanced ads at scale across over-the-top (OTT) inventory.

SpotX first partnered with BrightLine in 2016 to integrate technologies and is now launching support for programmatic while offering more premium inventory through its close relationships with several top publishers. As video-first programmatic supply-side experts, SpotX has been steadily increasing the number of OTT media owners it works with which now include A+E Networks, fuboTV, Newsy, Outside TV, Tubi, and more.

“BrightLine has seen surging demand from advertisers, and media owners alike, to break the bounds of traditional TV commercials with personalization, dynamic creative, and interactivity that makes the ad experience better for viewers, more effective for advertisers, and more profitable for suppliers,” said Robert Aksman, BrightLine’s Chief Strategy Officer. “With SpotX providing a single-stop solution for buying enhanced ads across many of our mutual media partners via a single conduit, we expect it to add further fuel to this fire, which benefits all,” Aksman continued.

BrightLine is the leading enhanced TV ad platform, integrated with every major TV network group, and leading OTT provider. Enhanced ads include addressable, dynamic store locator overlays, immersive engagement ads, and quick-click micro interactions for use in live viewing. With so much scale across so many supply partners, SpotX makes it easy to buy now by aggregating premium, BrightLine-enabled supply for buyers within its platform.

“Advertisers are always looking for new and innovative ways to capture the attention of connected TV audiences and BrightLine’s enhanced TV ads provide a unique level of engagement,” said Kristen Williams, vice president, strategic partnerships at SpotX. “Our collaboration with BrightLine now gives media buyers access to these enhanced formats across a ton of premium inventory while streamlining the execution process with programmatic buying.”

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