Advanced Television

SpotX, Brightline partnership

October 20, 2016

Video inventory management platform SpotX and BrightLine, a specialist in advanced TV and OTT advertising, have joined forces to accelerate the automated purchasing workflow of advanced TV ads across millions of US households.

The integration between SpotX and BrightLine will empower publishers to automate the sales of personalised, household-addressable advanced ad units within connected TV (CTV) environments. This gives TV ad buyers significantly broader access and reach.

As part of the integration, BrightLine’s technology will be activated across available connected TV inventory on SpotX’s platform, enabling advertisers to buy programmatically on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, smart TVs, gaming consoles and a range of other connected TV ecosystems.

“Our partnership with SpotX is part of a broader strategy to enable dynamic and immersive TV ads to be bought programmatically, making it easier for marketers to engage with U.S. TV audiences on a broad scale,” said Jacqueline Corbelli, CEO and Co-founder at BrightLine. “Together we give companies access to an advanced set of tools that automate and increase TV ad engagement, leading to more revenue for both the advertiser and the network.”

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