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New backers support US C-Band Alliance

April 23, 2019

By Chris Forrester

Independent voices have come out in support of the C-Band Alliance’s (CBA) proposals to make available 180 MHz of satellite spectrum to help 5G’s roll-out in the US.

WAY Media, a major Tennessee-based national religious broadcaster which reaches 25 million radio regular listeners (and 1 million weekly), and currently depends on usage of the 3.7-4.2 GHz spectrum band, said in a letter to the FCC that it supports the ‘market-based’ approach proposed by the CBA.

“Of the various proposals in the record, the market-based approach is the clear choice,” said WAY Media’s FCC letter. “The CBA has thoroughly explained why repurposing 200 MHz is a sound approach. It will ensure that current satellite customers, like the many non-profit broadcast ministries like WAY-FM, can continue utilising the C-band to distribute radio content to American listeners nationwide.”

Link-Up Communications is another supporter, and said the CBA’s market-based approach “is the clear choice. No other plan explains how programmers and broadcasters that continue to reach 90 percent of Americans over the age of 12 who listen to AM/FM radio at least once a week. No other plan has offered details regarding technical rules needed to ensure that Earth stations receiving C-band will be protected from terrestrial mobile interference should some spectrum be repurposed for flexible use as proposed by the FCC.”

Additionally, the CBA issued a ‘Public Interest’ list of responses to the various grumbles presented to the FCC. Notably, the Alliance stresses that US consumers, businesses and society in general will benefit from a ‘market-based’ sale of spectrum. “The CBA proposal benefits all Americans by ensuring the continued delivery of highly reliable television services and other critical applications already using mid-band spectrum—something we all take for granted, but which could be put at risk.”

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