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Stratolaunch up for sale

June 18, 2019

By Chris Forrester

The late Paul Allen, via his Vulcan Ventures holding company, has backed the development of the giant Stratolaunch satellite launch aircraft since 2011. But the financial plug was pulled on May 31st.

Now the business is reportedly up for sale. Reportedly, Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Orbit company has offered just $1 for the business.

Vulcan is looking for a little more, and amounts of $400 million have been mentioned. The giant Stratolaunch aircraft made only one flight, and that was to a mere 4,600 metres, and at a non-stratospheric speed of just 165 knots (about 300 km/h).

But the $400 million asking price does – evidently – include the aircraft itself, as well as IP developed for the project.

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