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Survey: 65% of UK unaware of Disney+ streaming service

July 16, 2019

A survey of by GlobalWebIndex has found that just 35 per cent of UK consumers are aware that Disney will be launching its own streaming service, Disney+, later this year.

With the service slated for launch in Q4, Disney no doubt will be leveraging upcoming movie releases to effectively raise awareness, and encourage the 39 per cent who currently do not plan on taking out a subscription.

Rivals to beat

Just over half (51 per cent) of Disney fans in the UK would be willing to spend up to £10 per month for a Disney streaming service subscription.

However, currently 71 per cent of Disney fans in the UK use Netflix and 37 per cent Amazon Prime video. Around a quarter of Disney fans state they would subscribe to Disney+ and keep their current film/TV subscription services.

Currently in the UK, 57 per cent of consumers claim they currently spend up to £20 per month on their TV/Film subscription services.

Winning back hearts and minds

When it comes to content that would entice UK consumer to subscribe to Disney’s streaming services, Pixar content proves most popular, with 37 per cent stating so, closely followed by Marvel content (32 per cent). Over a quarter (28 per cent) state new Disney shows and films exclusive to the Disney platform would entice them.

Chris Beer, senior trends analyst comments, “With Pixar proving most appealing among content that could entice consumers to subscribe to Disney Plus, the recent success of Toy Story 4 in the box office will give Disney a lot of confidence in their ambition to win a strong foothold in the UK video streaming market. The most important focus for the new service will be paying close attention to the content demands of its diverse, family-oriented audience.”

Ahead of a series of highly anticipated Disney feature films, including Star Wars Episode 9 and Frozen II, it is The Lion King that currently tops the UK’s list as the film over a third (37 per cent) are most excited to see.




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