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Amazon biggest global buyer of EU films for SVoD

September 26, 2019

A report from the European Audiovisual Observatory finds that the majority of EU films found on SVoD services around the world are produced in EU-5.

The UK is by far the biggest supplier of EU films with 38 per cent of all unique EU titles, followed by France with 18 per cent, Germany with 12 per cent, Italy with 11 per cent and Spain with 6 per cent. Together, these 5 countries account for 85 per cent of all unique EU film titles available on SVoD outside of Europe in the sample catalogues studied.

However, medium size film producing countries, with diversified filmographies (Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria), special genres (e.g. Nordic noir: Sweden, Denmark, Finland), or English-speaking (Ireland), manage also to export films outside of Europe. These seven countries account for 11 per cent of all unique film titles found in the SVoD catalogues analysed.

With 7,450 unique film titles, EU film titles represent 14 per cent of film titles on offer in the 79 SVoD catalogues studied.

Which regions and SVoD services are the biggest buyers of EU film titles?

North America (16 services) and China (3 services) offer the largest number of unique EU film titles with respectively 4 095 and 2 585 unique EU titles. Russia (3 services) and Australia & New Zealand (8 services) are other regions with an above average number of unique EU films titles with respectively 1 813 and 1 644 unique titles.

The biggest buyer for EU film titles is Amazon with 3 281 unique titles in its 14 country catalogues, followed by Netflix with 1,816 unique titles for its 20 catalogues

Russian service Ivi and the 3 Chinese services Youku, iQiyi, Tencent Video were the biggest single country buyers of EU films.

Indian service Eros Now, Canadian service Sundance Now, Viu (6 countries) and CBS All Access on the other hand carry between 31 and 3 unique EU film titles in their catalogues.


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