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MTG in eSports measurement agreement with Nielsen

September 27, 2019

Modern Times Group (MTG) is entering into a comprehensive eSports measurement agreement for its eSports portfolio companies, ESL Gaming and DreamHack, with Nielsen. The agreement aims to further advance research standards in eSports and provide greater confidence to brands and properties that are considering making investments in the growing industry.

The new agreement will intensify collaboration significantly across four areas:

  • Brand Impact: Holistic assessment of ESL and DreamHack brand partnerships, identifying and tracking brand partnership assets and impacts on audiences
  • Media & Sponsor Valuation: Measurement and tracking of media value for brand and media partners
  • Consumer Analytics: Esports audience research programmes delivering quantitative consumer insights and analytics
  • Utilising standardised metrics for eSports viewership measurement and benchmarking

The agreement also enables ESL and DreamHack to regularly report monetary valuations to brand partners and advertisers based on Nielsen’s industry leading Quality Index (QI) Media methodology, allowing for credible benchmarking against other eSports as well as traditional sports. Continuing their work as members of the Nielsen Esports Advisory Board, ESL and DreamHack will also support the establishment of standard audience metrics for all digital and linear eSports broadcasts.

“Standardised reliable data measured by an independent company like Nielsen is something that has been widely requested from brand partners, advertisers and broadcasters as we have worked to increase monetisation of media and sponsorship rights in eSports,” said Jørgen Madsen Lindemann, President and CEO of MTG.

“This exciting new agreement represents an important step to lowering the threshold for media buyers and sponsors to fully commit their investments to eSports, for instance via the introduction of KPI’s like Average Minute Audience (AMA), something that traditional sports have provided for years”, said President and CEO of MTG Jørgen Madsen Lindemann.

“Sponsors and advertisers can understand and confidently transact upon the global brand exposure metrics we are providing to ESL and DreamHack,” said Nicole Pike, Managing Director, Nielsen Esports. ”We are pleased that MTG, ESL and DreamHack have placed their trust in Nielsen and is helping us lead efforts in supporting industry-wide standards for reporting viewership and media value.”

As part of the agreement, Nielsen will provide in-depth measurement around the recently announced ESL Pro Tour; a circuit that connects more than 20 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments and leagues from ESL and DreamHack.

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