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StreamMetrics launches eSports Audience Measurement

July 31, 2019

StreamMetrics, the measurement and data analytics company, has announced the launch of StreamMetrics Audience Measurement, a new syndicated data service that demystifies live-stream and eSports viewership by accurately measuring audience size, demographics, and engagement, providing geographically-relevant data to advertisers, sponsors and brands, game publishers, eSports tournament organisers, networks, and leagues.

StreamMetrics audience data highlights geographic viewership and thus can isolate viewership by country, including US-only, creating transparency and filling a measurement gap for a market lacking independent media measurement. HBSEV, the investment arm of Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment, a portfolio of global sports and entertainment properties that includes the Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Devils, led StreamMetrics’ series seed investment round.

The StreamMetrics approach integrates proprietary data from monthly market surveys it conducts with anonymised network data and API information from platforms such as Twitch and YouTube to deliver its demographic insights on streaming audiences longitudinally on a month-by-month basis. Data can be segmented by age, gender, location (region/DMA), household income, employment status, ethnicity, and device type, among other dimensions.

“StreamMetrics’ product is the first of its kind in the marketplace,” said Scott O’Neill, CEO of HBSE. “As both a lead investor and early Beta customer of the product, we are excited for this game-changing data to get into the marketplace as it will significantly help the market expand and attract a broader range of sponsors. StreamMetrics is set up to be the third-party independent validation platform for the live video streaming media that is trusted by both media buyers and sellers.”

“People are thrilled to finally have access to US viewership measurement data that is cross-platform, rich in demographic viewing insights, and more actionable than global or API-based, Twitch-only numbers,” said Gearoid O’Brien, Co-Founder and CEO of StreamMetrics. “Our superior methodology and proprietary data set enable valuable new insights about this massive audience, including the power to segment audience demographic by game title, tournaments, and other streaming events.”

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