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Research: Over 1.2m tweets about Disney+ on launch day

November 13, 2019

By Nik Roseveare

Social analytics company ListenFirst has revealed, somewhat unsurprisingly, that social media interest in the Disney+ streaming service was massive on launch day (November 12th) among consumers.

There were 1.28 million tweets mentioning Disney+ in first day of its launch with the big uptick in conversation happening at 6am PT when the East Coast awoke to news of the official launch, and a second, more dramatic spike in conversation beginning at 9am PT through 10am PT likely coinciding with more people logging on to the network and some service issues on the platform.

Audience talking about Disney+ skews slightly more male at 54 per cent and 46 per cent female. Millennials are the largest audience for Disney+ at 70 per cent, followed by Gen X at 19 per cent.

Top audience interests include Star Wars, which is no surprise given that The Mandalorian generated nearly 102,000 tweets on November 12th, with 31 per cent of those tweets expressing Joy and 12 per cent expressing Love.

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