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Vevo tracks engagement with TVision

January 30, 2020

TVision, a specialist in TV performance metrics, and Vevo, the music video provider, have announced a partnership in which TVision’s data helps Vevo understand how viewers engage with their content.

Users watch more than 1.1 billion hours of Vevo music videos per month, and engage with 450,000 videos across YouTube, Roku, Apple TV and more. But these numbers only tell part of the story for Vevo’s brand clients that seek advertising opportunities. TVision’s data goes several levels deep to identify how long viewers stay engaged with the videos, viewer demographics, and how viewers watch videos – including co-viewing and bingeing.

“As music videos return to traditionally linear environments, helping clients better contextualise viewing experiences through measurement and insight is of paramount importance to Vevo’s mission,” said Bryon Schafer, SVP Research, Vevo. “The partnership with TVision provides unique insights into audience behaviour and the data we have seen so far have been compelling.”

“Advertisers are asking for deeper, more effective data from video platforms and content providers in order to create and optimise their media buys,” added Luke McGuinness, President of TVision. “I’m excited to partner with Vevo and help brands reach highly-engaged viewers like those engaging with Vevo’s streaming content.”

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