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Portugal climbs Netflix Speed Index; Hong Kong falls

March 10, 2020

Netflix has published February data from its ISP Speed Index – a monthly update on which Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide the best prime time Netflix streaming experience.

The month of February brought upticks in Bolivia on the Index. The country’s Tigo service jumped 0.46 Megabits per second (Mbps) to an average of 3.65 Mbps. Bolivia also climbed 4 spots on the country rankings list, up from 47 to 43.

Services in Kuwait and Romania both posted gains. In Kuwait, Viva increased 0.35 Mbps to a 3.53 Mbps average. In Romania, NextGen rose 0.34 Mbps to an average of 4.48 Mbps after falling 0.45 Mbps last month.

On the country rankings list, Portugal hiked up 5 spots from 33 to 28.

However, February brought several declines as well, most notably in Hong Kong. The region fell 7 spots from 10 to 17 on the country rankings – the single biggest movement for the month of February. The drop-off, which came after a large jump on the country rankings list in January, was no doubt at least partly due to two services that saw dramatic declines. i-Cable – Fiber sank 0.67 Mbps to a 4.17 Mbps average, and i-Cable – Cable tumbled 0.53 Mbps to an average of 3.79 Mbps.

Indonesia’s MNC Play also fell, dropping 0.44 Mbps to a 2.5 Mbps average. Like Hong Kong, Indonesia subsequently fell several spots on the country rankings list, declining 5 spots from 39 to 44. Elsewhere on the country rankings list, Taiwan dipped 5 spots from 31 to 36.

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