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Coronavirus stops DTT migration in Portugal

March 16, 2020

From Branislav Pekic in Rome

Portugal has decided to temporarily suspend the migration of the national DTT network to other frequencies “due to the constraints associated” with Covid-19.

The decision was reached after consultations between the National Communications Authority (Anacom) and DTT network operator Meo, receiving the go-ahead from the Portuguese Government.

However, Anacom admitted that the decision will have, as a result, the postponement of the date of release of the 700 MHz band scheduled for 30 June 2020 as established in the National Roadmap, in the scope of the implementation of 5G in Portugal.

The DTT migration process, which started in February in Sines, will resume as soon as the conditions associated with the pandemic allow for it.

According to the regulator, the “decision is justified by a number of difficulties mentioned by Meo, due to the impact of the civil protection and public health measures adopted or to be adopted, in the light of the authorities’ recommendations, and the risk of contagion of the technical teams”.

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