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Altice Portugal: “Conditions not met” for DTT

September 27, 2019

From Branislav Pekic in Rome

Altice Portugal has warned that “the conditions have not been met” in the migration schedule of the DTT service from the 700 MHz band, as established in the National Roadmap.

The DTT network operator also said that “it cannot be held responsible” for any delays for the migration or for any problems related to “information campaigns, user service and the provision of local support to the population for the re-tuning of receivers”.

In a statement to the Lusa news agency, Altice Portugal said the delay had given the company concerns over the management of the whole process and the fact that the final decision of the National Communications Authority (Anacom) on the migration will be published, at best, in the second half of October.

According to the draft decision of the regulator, the process of releasing the 700 MHz band used by DTT “will take about six months” and begins in January 2020 in the south of the country.

Altice Portugal also stressed that it will only be able to order the equipment and services necessary for the migration (which may take 3-4 months) when the regulator issues its final decision.

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